About Hawthorn Law®, a Trademark Law Firm

The Hart Law Firm, P.A. (aka Hawthorn Law®) is a full-service trademark law firm. We got our start in Orlando, Florida in 2005 as a The Law Office of James W. Hart, before moving to North Carolina in 2010, where we have been ever since.

For many years we worked with families going through the turmoil of divorce until 2015, when our founding attorney Jim Hart found a presence on YouTube. Bringing a no-nonsense approach to teaching entrepreneurs how to legally protect their online business with LLC's, trademarks and contracts, Jim's YouTube Channel has grown to over 6,150,000 lifetime views and 167,000 loyal subscribers as of 2024.

With this growth came change to our law firm, and we transitioned from a family law firm to a firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to legally protect their brands.

Today, over 90% of our practice is devoted to helping entrepreneurs claim the legal rights to their brands with registered trademarks.

To learn more about Jim and his story as a trademark lawyer and entrepreneur, click here.

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