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Husband, Father, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, YouTuber and Die-Hard Cleveland sports fan. I love helping people build and protect their online businesses. #gobucks #blacklivesmatter

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Woman wondering what to do after she forms her LLC

What to do AFTER you form your LLC

Many people who set up their LLC on their own don’t realize just how much goes into this process. There are so many opportunities for mistakes and things to overlook. In today’s episode of The Legal Jim we will be discussing all the things you must do AFTER you file you LLC to make sure

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Man holding head overlayed by the title 8 common LLC mistakes

8 Common Mistakes People Make with their LLC

This post contains affiliate links. If you click through to one of those links and make a purchase, it won’t cost you anything extra but it will support my firm financially. Thank you in advance for your support! In today’s episode of The Legal Jim we will be reviewing 8 of the most common mistakes

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Josh Brown

Build a Business Like a Franchise with Josh Brown

If you are wondering how to systematically build and grow your business like the big franchises do, then today’s episode will be perfect for you. Today I welcome Franchise Lawyer Josh Brown onto the show to talk about the legal and practical things you need to do to take your business to the next level.

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Do you REALLY Need a Trademark Lawyer

Do You REALLY Need to Hire a Trademark Lawyer?

Yesterday I returned to Lisbon from a long weekend in the Azores, which are a group of islands in the North Atlantic that fall under Portuguese control. After two days of trying to explore the island of São Miguel on our own, we gave up and hired a local guide for our last full day

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why I'm now charging for strategy calls

Why We Charge for Trademark Strategy Calls

As a lawyer with a YouTube channel, I receive a fair number of calls and emails from people interested in scheduling a consultation with me. And since August 2022, if you were interested in protecting your brand, that call was free. In this post, I’m going to explain why I started offering free strategy calls,

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Navi Maraj Save big on taxes

Save Big Money on Taxes with Navi Maraj

Navi Maraj is an accountant and CPA who works with small businesses to save them money on taxes. He also has created a course to teach people all the ins and outs of bookkeeping so that they can deliver a clean set of books to their tax preparers each year. In today’s episode we talk

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launching an online store and staying off brand

Launching an Online Store and Staying Off Brand

In today’s episode of The Legal Jim, I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Ohsman, Hayley Brucker and Summer Jubelirer from The Always Off Brand Podcast. These three amazing people are experts in all things e-commerce, specifically selling on Amazon. Whether you are just starting out and selling a couple thousand dollars a month, or

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kerrie fitzgerald knows how to put her customers first and build an amazing brand in the process

Putting Your Customers First with Kerrie Fitzgerald

In today’s episode, I had the privilege of interviewing Kerrie Fitzgerald. Kerrie is an amazing entrepreneur that built a subscription business from nothing to amazing in just a few short years… all without using any paid ads! Kerrie’s strategy was to create robust and amazing client experiences, promote customer referral programs, and host monthly contests

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how to legally start a business in 2023 with a checklist, calculator and phone in the background

How to LEGALLY Start a Business [2023]

Are you thinking about starting a business this year? Or maybe you have already started one but aren’t sure if you did it the right way? Not to fret, in this episode we are going to take you by the hand, and walk you step-by-step through everything you need to do to make sure your

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