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Things to Know Before Starting an LLC

3 Things to Know Before Starting an LLC

This post contains affiliate links. We may receive compensation if you sign up for a product or service through these links. In this post you will learn 3 things you must know before starting an LLC.  Whether you are a new entrepreneur or have an established business (but don’t yet have an LLC), setting up

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how to conduct a trademark search

How to Conduct a Proper Trademark Search

So you’ve picked an amazing name for your business, and you want to make sure it is protected by filing a trademark application. But hold your horses – before you run out and spend a lot of money filing an application with the USPTO, you must make sure nobody else is using your chosen trademark.

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how to pick a trademark name

How to Come Up with an Awesome Trademark Name

If you are wondering how to get a trademark, it all starts with your name. In today’s podcast episode, we will be talking about how to pick the best trademark name to maximize the likelihood that you will ultimately get the trademark. In addition, we will be reviewing the differences between a “worried entrepreneur” and

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how to trademark a hashtag

Can You Trademark a Hashtag? Easy Guide for 2023

Can you trademark a hashtag in 2023? Yes, and this is especially important if you are seeking to protect a brand or product name that includes hashtag marks in the name.  Currently there are 1,232 registered and active trademarks that include a hashtag (#) or the word “hashtag” in their name. So yes, registering a

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how long can you play copyrighted music on youtube

How to Legally Play Copyrighted Music on Youtube?

If you are creating videos for YouTube and other social media platforms, chances are you want to add some music to your content to spice it up a bit.  But you must be careful. Generally speaking, if you didn’t create the music, or you don’t have a commercial license to use it, then you can’t

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how to pay yourself from your LLC

How to Pay Yourself if You Have an LLC

Paying yourself is likely one of the most confusing aspects of starting a business. Not only do you have to decide how much to pay yourself, but you also have to plan for taxes, make sure you have enough cash left over to operate your business, and determine an appropriate cadence for taking a salary

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Woman wondering what to do after she forms her LLC

What to do AFTER you form your LLC

Many people who set up their LLC on their own don’t realize just how much goes into this process. There are so many opportunities for mistakes and things to overlook. In today’s episode of The Legal Jim we will be discussing all the things you must do AFTER you file you LLC to make sure

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Man holding head overlayed by the title 8 common LLC mistakes

8 Common Mistakes People Make with their LLC

This post contains affiliate links. If you click through to one of those links and make a purchase, it won’t cost you anything extra but it will support my firm financially. Thank you in advance for your support! In today’s episode of The Legal Jim we will be reviewing 8 of the most common mistakes

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Josh Brown

Build a Business Like a Franchise with Josh Brown

If you are wondering how to systematically build and grow your business like the big franchises do, then today’s episode will be perfect for you. Today I welcome Franchise Lawyer Josh Brown onto the show to talk about the legal and practical things you need to do to take your business to the next level.

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