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Husband, Father, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, YouTuber and Die-Hard Cleveland sports fan. I love helping people build and protect their online businesses. #gobucks #blacklivesmatter

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3 Deadly mistakes - exasperated woman realizing she made a mistake with her trademarks

3 Deadly Mistakes People Make with their Trademarks (Episode 38)

In today’s episode we review 3 mistakes I see people make with their intellectual property, specifically their trademarks, all the time. If you are building a brand, or thinking about building a brand, then pay careful attention to this episode! Subscribe Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | Overcast SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES Leave us

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When Should You File a Trademark?

Are you wondering when the best time to file a trademark is? Here is a popular video I recorded a few years ago that shares my answer. Enjoy! When you are ready to schedule a free strategy call with me to discuss your trademark needs, click here!

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People at conference table discussing should you file a combination mark logo

Should You File a Combination Mark Logo? (Episode 36)

What is a combination mark logo, and should you use one for your online business? In today’s episode I’m going to explain what a combination mark logo is, and my thoughts on whether you should or should not attempt to register one of these trademarks for your business when you are just starting out. What

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woman cutting "un" off a sign that says unavailable with the title "Is your business name available? (Episode 25)

Is My Business Name Available… Really? (Episode 35)

Are you wondering if your business name is available for use? Many people do what they believe is a proper trademark search, think their name is available and then don’t know what to do next. That is what we are going to talk about on today’s episode. What do you do after you have done

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how to pick a business name

How to Pick the Right Name for Your Business (Episode 34)

When you are first starting in business, deciding on the right business name can be tough. But even more difficult may be deciding whether to name your business after yourself or to pick a new brand name for your business. In today’s episode we will review some of the reasons why a brand name might

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The words what is a trademark next to a ™ in a magnifying glass

What is a Trademark? (Episode 33)

What is a trademark anyway? Most online entrepreneurs are using trademarks in their business and don’t even realize it. Still more entrepreneurs falsely believe that by using a name or just searching for a name to make sure it’s available is enough to give them ownership over their trademarks! Nothing could be further from the

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