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You asked, and we listened.

Here at Hawthorn Law, we are proud to announce a variety of new legal plans for your online business.

Whether you are just starting out and need a simple legal plan to deal with basic legal issues, or you are a more seasoned online entrepreneur with more complex legal considerations, we have a legal plan just for you.

If after reading through this list, you aren’t quite sure where you fall, use this link to schedule a quick call with me.

Will it cost you a few bucks? Yes, but it might just save you a whole lot more down the line.

So let’s run down your list of options, shall we?

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Legal Basics 101 – A Startup Plan for the Newbie Online Business

This is a great plan if you’ve just started your online biz and you want to deal some basic legal issues head on so you don’t have to worry about them later when you are either a) too busy working on your business to deal with them, or b) you get a cease and desist letter or worse in the mail and you are forced to deal with them.

This plan is for the online newbies out there, and here’s what you'll get:

  • One-hour Skype/phone call with me to discuss your online business, your goals, your dreams and the legal hurdles that are standing in your way
  • I’ll work with you to develop a name for your business that properly conveys your brand and doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s brand (because that is not something you ever want to deal with, trust me)
  • I’ll draft either a customized client contract for you to use with your clients or a customized online terms of service to use with your online product/membership site
  • We’ll review your website to determine if you have any legal problem areas
  • We’ll draft a privacy policy customized to your online business
  • We’ll draft a terms and conditions policy customized for your online business
  • I’ll make myself available via email for advice and guidance for four months after you hire me
  • BONUS: A 30-minute follow-up call ($175 value) after 3 months to make sure you are on track and to answer any additional questions you have

Total Investment for the Startup Legal 101 Plan is $1,500 (or 4 monthly payments of $397).

Startup Legal 201 – You Are Growing Quickly and Can’t Wait Any Longer for Legal Help

You have clients calling, people knocking down the door to join your membership community, and you haven’t dealt with the legal stuff yet… (No worries, we are here to set you straight).

If this sounds like your business, you need a bit more legal muscle to handle everything you’ve got going on.

For you, we’ve crafted the “contracts only” Legal Basics 201 Plan, which includes everything listed above in the Legal Basics 101 Plan, except that we will draft BOTH the customized client contract for you to use with your clients AND a customized online terms of service to use with your online product/membership site.

In addition, I will work with you for 6 months instead of the introductory 4, and the BONUS follow-up call will occur in the fifth month.

Total Investment for the Startup Legal 201 Plan is $1,997 (or 6 monthly installments of $347).

Startup Legal 202 – The “Oops, I forgot to take care of that when I started” Plan

You’re building a great business. Things are going great. But you never got around to dealing with some of the basic legal issues that you should have handled when you first started.

In other words, you were in such a rush to start your online biz that you forgot to take care of basic legal items like forming an LLC or corporation, and you haven’t even given a second thought to your online contracts.

Startup Legal 202 is here to help.

In this plan, we will handle everything covered in the other plans, as well as the following:

  • We will draft your LLC or Corporate Documents
  • We will draft your corporate bylaws or LLC Operating Agreement (single member only)
  • We will draft your LLC Resolutions or Corporate Minutes
  • We will obtain your EIN for your business

Total Investment for the “Advanced Legal 301” Plan is $2,497 (or 6 monthly payments of $497).

Masters Level Legal Plan – For the Serious Online Businesses

This is the ultimate plan. Businesses that choose this plan need some serious legal help… with pretty much everything. This plan is not for the faint of heart, but for the serious businesses that want to hire outside general counsel to advise them on everything.

For you, we will go in, assess your business and what you need help with, and develop a customized plan just for you.

Typically, this plan will include everything that is already discussed, in addition to filing trademark and copyright applications to protect all your intellectual property as well.

Total Investment for the “Masters Level” Plan will vary, typically between $997 to $2997 per month. This is no joke and only for the serious online businesses that are already generating multiple 6-figures per year in revenue.

*Due to constraints on our time, we only accept a limited number of clients into this plan.*

If you are interested in this plan, it starts with an assessment call to determine your needs and desires for your business, and to determine whether you are a good fit for our firm. Then we will go from there.

Need a Custom Legal Plan that I haven't Mentioned?

It is entirely possible that I haven't covered all the different ways that we can help you protect your online business. Maybe you just need an LLC and no contracts. Maybe you only need a couple contracts and no hand-holding. Maybe you just want to chat with me for a bit to answer some quick legal questions.

Either way, click one of the links above or head over to our “contact us” page to let me know how we can help.

We are in the process of transitioning this website to a new platform that will be more user-friendly and have more shiny buttons you can push to order your legal plan right away, but we aren't quite there yet.

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