Videos and Resources for Online Entrepreneurs

Videos & Resources for Online Entrepreneurs

At Hawthorn Law, we know that lots of startups and beginning online entrepreneurs just don't have the funds to hire a high-priced law firm. That's why, as a public service, we are committed to providing you with lots of free information that can help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Don't get us wrong, the information in these videos is not legal advice, and should not be construed as such. However, it is helpful information that will give you the “lay of the land” as you start to consider how to legally protect your business.

What Every Online Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Trademarks

Intellectual Property Infringement on Amazon… What you need to do to protect your listing

What is a Sole Proprietorship?

(Sorry for the terrible video quality on this one… I should have thought to close the blinds!)

Is a General Partnership Right for your online business?

A Primer on Corporations for the Internet Entrepreneur

S Corporations vs. C Corporations – What every Entrepreneur needs to know

Limited Liability Companies (LLC's) – Friend or Foe?

The Basics of Trademark Law

3 Common Mistakes that Online Entrepreneurs make with regards to their Intellectual Property

So You're Just Getting Started With Your Online Business?

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