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Fund Your Startup Business

4 Ways to Fund Your Startup Business

Today I want to talk with you about four different ways that you can get the initial capital you need to fund your startup.  When considering how to fund your startup, give careful consideration to your financial situation, business plan, and willingness to give up equity or take on debt. Evaluate each method based on

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Alexandra Watkins

Alexandra Watkins on Picking an Awesome Brand Name

In this episode of The Legal Jim, we interview Alexandra Watkins about what makes a great name for your business, as well as how to avoid a bad name. We talk about her signature SMILE and SCRATCH methods for picking amazing and memorable brand names. Don’t miss this episode! Learn More about Alexandra Watkins Alexandra

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moving back to the United States

I’m Moving Back to the United States (4 Reasons Why)

Porto was one of the cities in Europe that I really wanted to visit while I lived here in Portugal. And if you haven’t heard the news yet (to be honest, I haven’t really publicized this), I’m moving back to the United States later this month. My wife and kids left for North Carolina a

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government shutdown and trademarks

The Looming Government Shutdown And It’s Potential Impact On Trademarks

UPDATE: The government averted a shutdown this time, but stay tuned in November as we start to talk about this topic all over again… As we push towards a government shutdown at midnight tonight in November, you may be wondering how a potential shutdown will impact your trademark application, registration, and trademarks in general. For

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can I use a dead trademark

The Abandoned or Dead Trademark – Should You Use It?

I get so many clients that have done a search of the USPTO database and found dead trademark filings that they are interested in using as their own trademark. In this post we will talk about what a dead trademark is, how a trademark “dies”, and whether you should attempt to revive a dead trademark

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When can you use a trademarked name

Can You Use a Trademark BEFORE it is Registered?

So many entrepreneurs ask me about when can you use a trademarked name and how they can use their name, logo or slogan in commerce. In today’s post I’m going to talk about how and when you should start using your trademark in commerce. My answer to this question may surprise you. There are two main situations that frequently

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trademark symbols explained

3 Trademark Symbols Explained: ®, TM, SM – The Ultimate Guide

As a trademark attorney, one of the most common questions I get from both my trademark clients and potential clients alike is how to properly use the trademark symbols both before and after your trademark has registered. This post will demystify how to properly use the trademark symbols in a simple and easy to understand

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how long does it really take to get a trademark (women patiently waiting)

How Long Does it Take to Register a Trademark? [2023]

In this blog post we will cover how long it takes to register a trademark, from the initial idea phase through to final trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (i.e. USPTO).  The entire process can take anywhere from 12-18 months on the short-end to multiple years if you receive multiple office

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