The Melania Trump Speech Plagiarism Debate… Did She Really Just Do That?

Anyone else catch the Melania Trump Speech the other night? What about the Michelle Obama Speech 8 years ago? Well, in case you have been living under a rock for the past couple of days, let me enlighten you. On Monday night, Melania Trump gave a speech at the Republican National Convention. She spoke from […]

Selling on Amazon? 10 Things You Need to Know…

selling on amazon

Have you started a physical products business selling on Amazon? This post contains a list of ten things I bet you didn’t know about the contract you entered into with Amazon when you started selling on their website. Ignore this information and you run the risk of getting your account shut down (yes, they can do that). […]

Thinking about forming an LLC in Wyoming (or Nevada)?

forming an LLC in Wyoming

Forming an LLC in Wyoming – is this really a smart strategy? Lately, I’ve been talking to a lot of people that are completely convinced that forming an LLC in Wyoming (or Nevada) is a great strategy for their e-commerce business. I’m baffled by this. But here are a couple examples of comments I’ve come across on this […]

How Will Amazon’s Recent Acquisition of ColisPrivé Affect FBA Sellers?

Yesterday the Seattle Times reported that Amazon plans to complete the acquisition of a French parcel delivery company, ColisPrivé, within the next three months. Elizabeth Weise of USA Today wrote a great article outlining the various acquisitions that Amazon has made since 2014, and quotes John Haber, CEO of Spend Management Experts as saying “[w]e anticipate […]

Intellectual Property Infringement on Amazon… What You Need to Know

intellectual property infringement on Amazon

If you are selling physical products with any regularity and volume, you are bound to come across some form of intellectual property infringement on Amazon sooner or later. Believe it or not, you are not the first seller to have this issue. Unfortunately, there are lots of unscrupulous sellers out there that are just looking to […]

10 Things You Need to Know about How to Sell on Amazon… Legally Speaking

how to sell on amazon

Are you looking for information about how to sell on Amazon? This is probably one of the most important articles you will find. No, I’m not going to share with you the nuts and bolts about how to find and source your products, then ship them to Amazon, and finally, get them sold. But what […]

What is the best corporate entity for a foreigner in the US?

We have formed relationships with many business owners who have formed “Amazon-based” businesses. In other words, they create and source physical products, ship those products to an Amazon warehouse, and then list the products for sale on Amazon’s website. The majority of this business takes place on, although Amazon also has websites in the UK, […]