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why I'm now charging for strategy calls

Why We Charge for Trademark Strategy Calls

As a lawyer with a YouTube channel, I receive a fair number of calls and emails from people interested in scheduling a consultation with me. And since August 2022, if you were interested in protecting your brand, that call was free. In this post, I’m going to explain why I started offering free strategy calls,

You Don't Need a Lawyer Until You Do This

You Don’t Need a Lawyer Until You Do This

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make over and over when they schedule strategy calls with me, is that they think they need to hire a lawyer to start their online business. And I totally get it. When you’re starting a business, you want to do things legally and typically that means going

Financial Mistakes I see new Online Businesses Make

Financial Mistakes Online Business Owners Make

Today I want to talk to you about some serious online business financial mistakes that I way too many entrepreneurs making. I want to thank one of my YouTube colleagues and another lawyer, Aiden Durham, for the inspiration for this video as she recently posted a video entitled Two Huge Money-making Mistakes. The basic idea

Why Online Businesses LOVE LLC's (and how to start one)

What are the Benefits of Starting an LLC for Your Online Business?

Today. I want to talk to you about the benefits of starting an LLC for your online business and why I think LLC’s are a great choice when you are just getting started. Some of the links contained in this post are affiliate links. If you purchase the services using the link on this page

Forming An LLC for Your Online Business

Forming An LLC for Your Online Business

Are you thinking about forming an LLC for your online business? Today, I want to share with you the story of an online entrepreneur and we’re going to just call him, Joe. Maybe you can relate? Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. That means that although it won’t

Why Terms and Conditions for Websites Are So Important

What’s the big deal? Why do I need to concern myself with terms and conditions for my website? This is a common question I get asked by many online entrepreneurs. I mean, I get it. You are just building your business, you are still doing a lot of freelancing and consulting on the side to


The Ultimate Guide to Legal Contracts for Your Online Business

You’ve taken the plunge and started your online business. You are super excited and can’t wait to get things rolling. Building sales funnels. Writing blog posts. Running Facebook ads. Recording your first podcast episodes. Getting your first paying clients. But there’s only one thing you’ve forgotten… How to make sure you aren’t breaking any laws

do you need a lawyer

Why Do You Need a Lawyer when You can just “Google It”?

One of the biggest struggles we face as lawyers, especially in a transactional/consulting-type practice like I have, is making clients understand why they even need a lawyer in the first place. I mean honestly, do you need a lawyer for your online business? We are in this new world of DIY legal, Rocket Lawyer, Legal

Professionals for your team

5 Essential Professionals the Pros Use that You Don’t…

If you are running a business for yourself, you have at least one member on your team – and that’s YOU, the entrepreneur. But if you are looking to grow and build a sustainable business that will last for the long haul, you should take a lesson from the Pro’s, and build a team of

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