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registered agent for LLC

Do You Need a Registered Agent for Your LLC?

In this article, I want to briefly review what a registered agent is, who you can hire as your registered agent, and help you determine whether you need to pay for a registered agent for your online business. As an online business attorney who files many LLC’s on behalf of my clients, the issue of

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virtual address for LLC

8 Reasons to Use a Virtual Address for Your LLC

Are you considering using a virtual address for your LLC? Maybe you would rather just save some money and use your home address? Or perhaps you have an office address already and think that is the best option? I’m going to share with you 8 reasons you should use a virtual mailbox for your LLC.

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how to name your llc

30 Tips for How to Name Your LLC

If you are trying to figure out how to name your LLC, you are not alone. There is no such thing as a perfect name. Coming up with a legitimate company name is one of THE most confusing and difficult aspects of starting an online business for many entrepreneurs and would be business owners. I am

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best state to form llc for online business

What is the Best State to Form an LLC for Online Business?

One of the most common questions I get from clients looking to set up an LLC is “what is the best state to form an LLC for online business?” Fortunately, this is the one of the easiest decisions you will ever have to make. In almost every situation, when it comes to LLC formation, your

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Apply for an EIN

How and When to Apply for an EIN Online

I’ve been talking to lots of online entrepreneurs on strategy calls recently, and one question that comes up repeatedly is “when do I apply for an EIN number?” In this post I want to take a minute to demystify many of the questions surrounding EIN numbers, such as what they are, who needs them, and when

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Forming an LLC in 2021

Should You File an LLC in 2021?

If you are already running an online business, or maybe you’re thinking about running an online business, then a frequent issue that comes up this time of year that you might not even be aware of, is whether you should file your LLC now, or you should wait until January 2021. This is an issue

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Set Up Your LLC Correctly

Is Your LLC Set Up Correctly?

You are about to learn exactly what you need to do to set up your LLC correctly and maintain all the proper legal protections for your business and your personal assets. Now, this is part of the first pillar of my LOCK it Down Protection System. This is incredibly important because so many online businesses

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Should You Start an LLC (How I help my clients decide...)

Should You Start an LLC? (How I help my clients decide…)

Today I’m going to help you decide whether or not you need to start an LLC for your online business. Spoiler alert. While I do think that starting an LLC is the right decision for MOST online businesses, there is one reason that I think that you should not start an LLC for your business

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4 Reasons You May Need an LLC (for your Online Business)

4 Reasons You May Need an LLC (for your Online Business)

Thinking about starting an LLC for your online business? Here are four reasons you may need one. Hi, my name is Jim Hart. I’m the founding attorney here at Hawthorne Law. I’m also the creator of the Lock It Down Legal Protection System, where we turn worried entrepreneurs into legally legit CEOs. LLCs are one

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