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When can you use a trademarked name

Can You Use a Trademark BEFORE it is Registered?

So many entrepreneurs ask me about when can you use a trademarked name and how they can use their name, logo or slogan in commerce. In today’s post I’m going to talk about how and when you should start using your trademark in commerce. My answer to this question may surprise you. There are two main situations that frequently

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woman cutting "un" off a sign that says unavailable with the title "Is your business name available? (Episode 25)

Is My Business Name Available… Really? (Episode 35)

Are you wondering if your business name is available for use? Many people do what they believe is a proper trademark search, think their name is available and then don’t know what to do next. That is what we are going to talk about on today’s episode. What do you do after you have done

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Biggest mistake entrepreneurs make overlayed on a post it that says "oops"

The #1 Biggest Legal Mistake I See Entrepreneurs Make

Today I want to talk to your about one of the biggest legal mistakes I see entrepreneurs, specifically online entrepreneurs make when they are starting their businesses. And no, it’s not stealing classified documents and claiming that you thought they belonged to you… No, this mistake is far worse and could potentially cost you hundreds

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Do You have to Include LLC in your logo or trademark name?

It is amazing to me how frequently I get asked about when and how business owners should be using the LLC modifier in their logo, website, trademark, business cards, social media pages and more.  The basic question is, do you need to include LLC in your logo and/or trademark? The simple answer is that no,

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how to name your llc

30 Tips for How to Name Your LLC

If you are trying to figure out how to name your LLC, you are not alone. There is no such thing as a perfect name. Coming up with a legitimate company name is one of THE most confusing and difficult aspects of starting an online business for many entrepreneurs and would be business owners. I am

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HOW TO NAME YOUR COMPANY (get the best Trademark!)

HOW TO NAME YOUR COMPANY (get the best Trademark!)

Today, we’re talking about how to come up with an amazing name for your company. Getting your brand name wrong can cost you literally thousands. If not, it can cost you a lot of money. There’s a lot at stake when you’re trying to come up with the right name for your business, because if

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starting an online business

Legal Considerations for Starting an Online Business

I was recently asked to put together a legal resource for an online community I am a part of. They asked me to answer some of the frequently asked questions from people that are starting an online business. Here is the edited version of that resource with additional links to articles and helpful resources for

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