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Pay yourself using profit first

How to Legally Pay Yourself (using Profit First) (Episode 32)

Have you ever wondered what the right way to pay yourself is? Are you worried about writing yourself a check? Not sure how much to take? How often to run payroll? We tackle all of these questions and even more in this weeks episode of The Legal Jim. Subscribe Apple | Google | Spotify |

man holding hands up with text that says should you wait to register your trademarks episode 30

Should You Wait to File Your Trademark? (Episode 30)

Many people think, especially those of you that are just getting started with your online business, that you should wait to file your trademark. In your mind, trademarks are only for startups and established businesses. In today’s episode of The Legal Jim, we are going to debunk the myths surrounding when you should file your

photo of Florida state flag with the caption how to register your trademark... in florida?

How to Trademark a Name (in Florida?)

If you live in Florida (or any other state in the United States) and are interested in protecting your brand name, then you would be a good idea to consider registering a trademark or service mark either in the state where you live or with the USPTO. But if you are at the very beginning

Man holding ballons overlayed by the text "It's your trademark's birthday (how to renew your trademark)

How to Renew a Trademark (Properly)

After you successfully register your Federal Trademark, you can’t just sit back and do nothing to keep that registration. You must take affirmative actions to maintain that registration and insure it does not get cancelled. In this post we will share details about the trademark renewal process and how to renew your trademark registration so

Denied stamp with the text overlay that says afraid your trademark app will get denied? You should be.

The Most Common Reason Your Trademark Application Will Get Denied (Episode 18)

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to start and build a profitable brand online, one of the first things you need to do is claim the legal rights to your name. Unfortunately, there are two huge mistakes that people make when filing trademark applications on their own that will cause their filing to

Do You have to Include LLC in your logo or trademark name?

It is amazing to me how frequently I get asked about when and how business owners should be using the LLC modifier in their logo, website, trademark, business cards, social media pages and more.  The basic question is, do you need to include LLC in your logo and/or trademark? The simple answer is that no,

registered agent for LLC

Do You Need a Registered Agent for Your LLC?

In this article, I want to briefly review what a registered agent is, who you can hire as your registered agent, and help you determine whether you need to pay for a registered agent for your online business. As an online business attorney who files many LLC’s on behalf of my clients, the issue of

virtual address for LLC

8 Reasons to Use a Virtual Address for Your LLC

Are you considering using a virtual address for your LLC? Maybe you would rather just save some money and use your home address? Or perhaps you have an office address already and think that is the best option? I’m going to share with you 8 reasons you should use a virtual mailbox for your LLC.

start in 2022

Start Your Online Business in 2022

This is going to be the year, you want the year 2022 to be the year that you really focus on building and starting your online business. Today, I want to teach you how to go about doing that in five steps. I want to talk to you about what happened in 2021 and where

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