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virtual address for LLC

8 Reasons to Use a Virtual Address for Your LLC

Are you considering using a virtual address for your LLC? Maybe you would rather just save some money and use your home address? Or perhaps you have an office address already and think that is the best option? I’m going to share with you 8 reasons you should use a virtual mailbox for your LLC.

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From Full Time Lawyer to Online Business Entrepreneur

I used to be your typical, hourly billing lawyer. I know, hard to believe, right? And then I discovered the power of productizing your knowledge with online courses. As a result, I was able to completely detach my personal income from the day-to-day client work so that I could actually work from anywhere, anytime in

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starting an online business

Legal Considerations for Starting an Online Business

I was recently asked to put together a legal resource for an online community I am a part of. They asked me to answer some of the frequently asked questions from people that are starting an online business. Here is the edited version of that resource with additional links to articles and helpful resources for

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work from home

9 Things You Need to Know to Work from Home in an Online Business

Recently I’ve been researching possible blog topics and noticed that there is very little legal information out there for people that work from home. And because my law practice works with online entrepreneurs, it dawned on me that many of you probably do actually work from home in your online business. Now, this post was inspired

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