Copycat Stealing Your Content? What to Do About It… (Episode 29)

What do you do if a copycat is stealing your content? First of all, you should be thankful. You’ve officially hit the big time.

What do I mean by this? If you are an online entrepreneur who is just getting started with no followers or revenue, then chances are nobody even knows who you are!

But once you start to develop a following online, if you provide helpful and valuable information, then you are more likely to become a target of copycats. Copycats don’t seek out people who publish garbage – they are looking for information that is likely to generate traffic and therefore, revenue!


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The Biggest Takeaways

  1. Having a copycat is not all bad. When someone steals your content it means that you have a following and people value your content.
  2. Not all infringement is equal and some is definitely worse than others. We explain why it is important to evaluable the type of infringement and the cost to your business before deciding on how best to proceed.
  3. Protecting the content that you create is important. Creating a system to methodically register your most valuable works can pay off many times over if you ever have to file an infringement lawsuit.

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