Forming a Single Member LLC? Read this first…

Single Member LLC

If you have started an online business (or are thinking about starting an online business), then chances are that you have also looked into how to create a single member LLC. What is a single member LLC? A “single member LLC”, is simply an LLC where you are the one and only owner (or member) […]

Legal Considerations for Starting an Online Business

starting an online business

I was recently asked to put together a legal resource for an online community I am a part of. They asked me to answer some of the frequently asked questions from people that are starting an online business. Here is the edited version of that resource with additional links to articles and helpful resources for […]

I’m a Coach. Do I need to form an LLC?

Do I need to form an LLC?

Today’s video was inspired by a question posed in the Screw the 9 to 5 community. The question was: Rather than write out a long and detailed post answering this question, I thought I would take a couple minutes and record a video.  Here goes nothin’…

What is an LLC and Who Should form One?

One of the most common questions I get from clients that are thinking about starting a new business is “What is an LLC?” The question really isn’t what is an LLC, but rather, is an LLC right for the client? Believe it or not, an LLC, while beneficial in a lot of situations, is not a […]

What is the best corporate entity for a foreigner in the US?

We have formed relationships with many business owners who have formed “Amazon-based” businesses. In other words, they create and source physical products, ship those products to an Amazon warehouse, and then list the products for sale on Amazon’s website. The majority of this business takes place on, although Amazon also has websites in the UK, […]