Convert Your Sole Proprietorship to an LLC in 7 Easy Steps!

Convert Your Sole Proprietorship to an LLC in 7 Easy Steps! If you are currently operating your online business as a sole proprietorship, you may be wondering how to convert to an LLC or Limited Liability Company. There are multiple reasons for doing this, including to protect your personal assets and give yourself some flexibility […]

Starting a Single Member LLC? 4 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid…

STARTING A SINGLE MEMBER LLC? 4 MISTAKES TO AVOID! If you are just starting a single member LLC, there are numerous ways you can make mistakes. Everything from failing to draft a single member LLC operating agreement, to filing an S corp too soon, to not withholding enough for taxes… there are so many ways […]

Sole Proprietorship vs LLC – Which Should You Choose?

Sole Proprietorship vs LLC – How Do You Decide? When you are starting out with your online business, it is easy to start off as a sole proprietorship, and this might even be the right decision for your venture. But when deciding between forming an LLC vs sole proprietorship, there are 5 main factors that […]

Why a Sole Proprietorship Might Be a Shrewd Business Move

WHY A SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP MIGHT BE A SHREWD BUSINESS MOVE If you are starting a new online business, and are wondering whether you can just operate as a sole proprietorship – today’s video will help you understand why a sole proprietorship business has numerous benefits, especially for an online venture that is just starting out. […]

LLC’s vs. S-Corps: Everything You Need to Know

llc vs s-corp

An LLC or “Limited Liability Company” is a type of legal entity that can be used to provide you with legal protection in the event your business gets sued. An S-Corporation is a tax election that can be used to tell the IRS that you want to be taxed a certain way. An S-Corporation is […]

Should You Incorporate Your Online Business?

incorporate your business

This is one of the most common questions that lawyers get when talking to entrepreneurs. “Should I Incorporate My Business?” For many bricks and mortar businesses, the answer is an undeniable and resounding “yes”. Before an entrepreneur starts signing leases and opening bank accounts, they want to make sure that all of their legal paperwork […]

Forming a Single Member LLC? Read this first…

Single Member LLC

If you have started an online business (or are thinking about starting an online business), then chances are that you have also looked into how to create a single member LLC. What is a single member LLC? A “single member LLC”, is simply an LLC where you are the one and only owner (or member) […]

Legal Considerations for Starting an Online Business

starting an online business

I was recently asked to put together a legal resource for an online community I am a part of. They asked me to answer some of the frequently asked questions from people that are starting an online business. Here is the edited version of that resource with additional links to articles and helpful resources for […]

Why Do You Need a Lawyer when You can just “Google It”?

do you need a lawyer

One of the biggest struggles we face as lawyers, especially in a transactional/consulting-type practice like I have, is making clients understand why they even need a lawyer in the first place. I mean honestly, do you need a lawyer for your online business? We are in this new world of DIY legal, Rocket Lawyer, Legal […]