Top 4 Legal Problems for Online Business

4 Legal Problem Areas for Online Business

Are you in the field of online businesses? If so, read on because today I’m going to walk you through 4 of the top legal problem areas for online businesses that you need to be thinking about, whether you’re just getting started or whether you’re already running an online business, in terms of what you […]

Digital Nomad? How to Run Your Business from Overseas (Legally)

Operate Your Online Business from Overseas (Legally)

If you are a digital nomad, this video is a much watch. In it, I will show you the 8 things you need to do on how to run your business legally from overseas. A couple of weeks ago, I was in Lisbon, Portugal for about a week. And while I was there, I got […]

8 Things Your LLC Needs for Complete Protection

8 Things Your LLC Needs for Complete Protection

Today I want to talk to you about 8 things that you need to do if you want to start your LLC and you want complete protection. Whether it’s how you pay yourself an LLC or how you start an LLC. So, that’s where I’m going to give you, I’m going to give you the […]

Business Employer Identification Number Tips

Business Employer Identification Number Tips

Should you use a Business Employer Identification Number or an SSN for opening up a business bank account, here are some tips! So today’s question is, if you have a single member LLC, taxed as a disregarded entity, and you want to open a business bank account, should you use the EIN issued for the […]

How to Legally Start a Business – 8 Steps

How to Legally Start a Business - 8 Steps

Today, I want to talk to you on how to legally start your business. This might be a home-based business, that might be something else, but these are the eight things that you need to do. So pay attention! [youtube] All right. There’s so many people that are out there starting home-based businesses these […]

Why a Sole Proprietorship Might Be a Shrewd Business Move

WHY A SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP MIGHT BE A SHREWD BUSINESS MOVE If you are starting a new online business, and are wondering whether you can just operate as a sole proprietorship – today’s video will help you understand why a sole proprietorship business has numerous benefits, especially for an online venture that is just starting out. […]

Should You Incorporate Your Online Business?

incorporate your business

This is one of the most common questions that lawyers get when talking to entrepreneurs. “Should I Incorporate My Business?” For many bricks and mortar businesses, the answer is an undeniable and resounding “yes”. Before an entrepreneur starts signing leases and opening bank accounts, they want to make sure that all of their legal paperwork […]

The 2016 Infopreneur Summit with Bailey Richert

Infopreneur Summit Bailey Richert

I just wanted to post a quick message to let you know that I will be a guest lecturer at the Infopreneur Summit, being held from July 31st through August 6th. For more information and to register, CLICK HERE. You can sign up for free, but if you decide to order an all-access pass, this […]