Introducing The Legal Jim Podcast!

Welcome to the introductory episode of The Legal Jim Podcast!

My name is Jim Hart and I’m a Trademark lawyer, Youtuber, and entrepreneur. My goal with this podcast is to help you to understand and demystify the legal aspects of building your online business in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

Each week, I will be taking a various aspect of how to build your online business, and then adding in my take as a lawyer on what legal considerations you should be thinking about.

  • How to develop your idea for an online business
  • Why it is important to claim your brand name with Federal Trademark protection
  • How to legally start your online business
  • How and when to start your LLC
  • What to do AFTER you start your LLC
  • The biggest business AND legal mistakes I see from online entrepreneurs who are just getting started
  • And so much more!

And along the way I plan to bring on some pretty amazing guest speakers as well in the online business space.

I’ve got a lot of goals for this podcast and am excited to see where this goes!

So right off the bat, please let me know what you think of this format – you can find me on instagram at @hawthornlaw or twitters at hawthornlg – feel free to send me a DM.


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Frequency and Format

Now, this is just my introductory episode and although I originally launched this podcast back in October, 2021, I'm now relaunching the show in the fall of 2022. If you like what I’m talking about so far, the first 12 episodes were published in 2021, and the I just started uploading new episodes beginning with episode 13!

And if you would like to subscribe and stick with me, I’ll be launching one episode a week for now and then once I get my rhythm, I plan to move to uploading new episodes 2x per week.

About Your Podcast Host

So now that you know a bit more about what you are going to get out of this podcast, as well as how frequently I’ll be posting, I wanted to share with you a bit more about me personally.

As I mentioned at the top of the show, I’m a trademark lawyer, Youtuber and entrepreneur. I run a virtual full service trademark law firm remotely from Lisbon, Portugal. If you are interested in learning more about what I do, or scheduling a call with me, please click here.

In addition, I provide a ton of free content through my website and blog at, my Youtube Channel where I am closing in on 150k subscribers and over 5.2 million lifetime views, and through my free Facebook community.

I’m also a husband and a Dad to three awesome kids. We recently moved from North Carolina to Lisbon, Portugal and have two dogs, two cats, three fish, a frog and a turtle named Fred.

I decided to start this podcast so that I could reach even more online entrepreneurs and have a larger impact and influence in the online space, and I’m super excited to share this journey with you!

Here is just a snapshot of some of the topics we are going to be talking about in the coming weeks:

  • How to develop your idea for an online business
  • How and when to claim the naming rights to your business (with a Federal Trademark)
  • How to legally start your online business
  • Conducting market research when you are just starting
  • How and when to start your LLC
  • What to do AFTER you start your LLC
  • The biggest business AND legal mistakes I see from online entrepreneurs who are just getting started
  • And so much more!

So I hope you will subscribe to the show and join me in building, growing, and protecting an amazing online business with The Legal Jim Podcast!

And don’t forget to leave a rating and review on itunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts if you like what I’m talking about here.

Thanks so much for listening and I’ll see you in Episode 001 where we will be talking about why I love online business so much and how you can get started today!

See you in the next episode!

What the Podcast will Cover in Future Episodes

  • The mindset issues of entrepreneurship.
  • What is a trademark and why you need to register your trademark
  • How to come up with a great business idea, as well as a name for your online business – something many entrepreneurs get stuck on.
  • How to set up a proper legal foundation for your online business.
  • Building an online presence so you can start generating sales, and then protecting your online presence.
  • Various contracts you need for your online business.
  • How to build and protect your online brand.

Next Steps…

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