What to Do AFTER You Form Your LLC (Episode 003)

Many online business owners have no problem forming an LLC by filing their paperwork with the Secretary of State, but if that is all you do then you are losing out on all of the protections that come with your LLC filing. There are a number of things that you must do after you get that paperwork back from the state to make sure your business is legally protected.

In today's show we discuss exactly what those things are.


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What you will learn in this episode

  1. What the corporate veil is and why it is important to you as a business owner
  2. The first think you MUST do after you get your corporate paperwork back from the State
  3. What can happen if you don't have an operating agreement for your LLC
  4. Why you must have a business bank account for your LLC
  5. Why you must have a system to schedule deadlines related to your LLC
  6. When you do and don't need to document the things you do in your business

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