Legal Protection: What is it Costing Your Business to Ignore Legal?

legal protectionHaving solid legal protection in place for your online business is of paramount importance.

Consider the following…

I want you to imagine that you are on your dream vacation.

Maybe you are at the beach, or the mountains, or overseas somewhere.

No COVID to worry about – just you and your closest friends or family.

Enjoying life.

No worries, no distractions, no fear of how you are going to pay for this trip.

Just living.

This is the life we are all craving as online entrepreneurs.

Don't you want to live your life with freedom of time, money, and location?

If so, then you probably understand that this is only possible in one of two ways…

First, you have saved up enough money that you know you can live off of your investments for the rest of your life.

Or second, you have built a business that runs on systems and processes that pay you a monthly income with little to no involvement on your part.

For most entrepreneurs, the second milestone, building a business that can support you without your direct involvement, is a pre-cursor to the first.

Because if you can build a business that gives you true independence of time and money, then you are that much closer to being able to sell that business for a large cash infusion that can support you and your family in perpetuity.

But in order to do that, you have to have legal protections in place.

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Where was I?

Oh right, you need to get the legal stuff taken care of. In other words…

You need to have a proper legal foundation.

You must have rock-solid contracts.

You must protect your intellectual property.

And you need to develop the legal systems necessary to hire and train employees and contractors to help you.

In a nutshell, you need the LOCK it Down™ (legal) Membership Program (formerly known as the Online Business (legal) Toolkit).

And over Labor Day Weekend we will be doing a “Founder's Launch”.

What is a “Founder's Launch” you ask?

Well, earlier this summer we transitioned the Online Business (legal) Toolkit into a monthly membership program. But I haven't done much to promote it while I updated some of the training and worked out some of the initial kinks.

But now it is ready for primetime, and I want to reward the early action takers… the “founders” if you will… that are willing to invest in themselves early on while this program is still getting its legs.

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Talk soon,


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