Is Your Website Legally Protected?

Are you worried about whether your online business is legally protected?

Do you silently wonder whether you have done everything you can to set your business up the right way?

In the back of your mind, can you think of that one “problem client” who you are worried may sue you at some point?

Anyone who has been in business for any length of time knows that conflicts with customers or clients are inevitable.

You want to serve your customers and clients to the best of your ability, but for reasons that are often out of your control, some people can never be helped.

No matter how much work you do for them, or how nicely you treat them, some people's first instinct is to rush to the courthouse.

It is an unfortunate truth of running your own business as an entrepreneur.

And that's why spending a little bit of time and money on the front end to protect your business legally is a smart idea.

And one of the simplest and easiest ways to protect your online business from legal liability is to use proper disclaimers on your website.

Now I'm here to tell you that no two disclaimers are the same. Legal disclaimers can come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

Here are just a few of the disclaimers you may need:

  • General Disclaimer
  • Legal Disclaimer
  • Affiliate Disclaimer
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • Medical/health Disclaimer
  • Financial Disclaimer
  • Disclaimer for kids
  • Errors and Omissions Disclaimer
  • Offensive Content Disclaimer
  • Testimonial Disclaimer
  • Educational Purposes Only Disclaimer
  • Views Expressed Disclaimer

and many more…

Chances are, if you run your business through a website, or even through social media, you would be well-served by having one or several of these legal disclaimers on your website.

And while putting one of these disclaimers on your website won't necessarily stop someone from suing you, it may cause them (or the lawyer they are primed to hire) to think twice before they go to the effort.

And that's because a strongly worded and conspicuous legal disclaimer will provide a strong legal defense to a lawsuit.

Over the weekend I posted my legal disclaimers template for sale on my website. Normally $197, as an introductory price I knocked it down by $100. For only $97, you can get all of the legal disclaimers that I personally drafted for my online business clients to use as appropriate on your own website.

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But for that, you just need to wait a couple of more days for my LOCK it Down™ (legal) Membership Program Founder's Launch.

What is a “Founder's Launch” you ask?

Well, earlier this summer we transitioned the Online Business (legal) Toolkit into a monthly membership program. But I haven't done much to promote it while I updated some of the training and worked out some of the initial kinks.

But now it is ready for primetime, and I want to reward the early action takers… the “founders” if you will… that are willing to invest in themselves early on while this program is still getting its legs.

So if you are interested in joining our launch list for this program, all you need to do is click here, enter your name and email, and you will automatically be notified as soon as the program launches over Labor Day weekend.

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P.S. Here is the link to join the launch list one more time, for those of you that skip the entire post and just scroll to the bottom. 😉

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