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trademarks vs copyrights... whats the deal?

Trademarks vs Copyrights… What’s the Deal Anyway? (Episode 14)

In today’s episode we are going to breakdown the differences between trademarks and copyrights, including what they are in simple to understand language. If you have an interest in protecting the intellectual property in your business, then this is a can’t miss episode! Subscribe Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | Overcast SUBSCRIBE ON

Biggest mistake entrepreneurs make overlayed on a post it that says "oops"

The #1 Biggest Legal Mistake I See Entrepreneurs Make

Today I want to talk to your about one of the biggest legal mistakes I see entrepreneurs, specifically online entrepreneurs make when they are starting their businesses. And no, it’s not stealing classified documents and claiming that you thought they belonged to you… No, this mistake is far worse and could potentially cost you hundreds

Do You have to Include LLC in your logo or trademark name?

It is amazing to me how frequently I get asked about when and how business owners should be using the LLC modifier in their logo, website, trademark, business cards, social media pages and more.  The basic question is, do you need to include LLC in your logo and/or trademark? The simple answer is that no,

State of Missouri overlayed by the text "how to form a Missouri LLC"

How to Form Your Missouri LLC

If you live in Missouri, and you run an online (or offline) business, then chances are you will need to form a Missouri LLC to make sure your business and personal assets are protected. In this post, I will share exactly what you need to form your Missouri LLC today (and why forming an LLC

LLC Articles of Organization Explained overlayed on top of a staock image of the letters LLC on brown background

What are LLC Articles of Organization?

When you are ready to file your Limited Liability Company, you will need to complete a legal document called the Articles of Organization for your LLC. This document will be filed with your state government via the Secretary of State’s office and contains essential information regarding your LLC. This document, or a similar document with

Photo of the state of Georgia in the background with the text "How to Form a Georgia LLC" overlayed

How to Form a Georgia LLC

Are you seeking to form a Georgia LLC for your online business? You’ve come to the right place. Everything, including all of the materials and instructions in this online guide are 100% free, although there may be some affiliate links or other offers to purchase our products and services sprinkled throughout. Although these services are

A picture of the state of Kansas overlayed by the words how to form a Kansas LLC

How to Form Your Kansas LLC

Are you considering forming a Kansas LLC as your preferred business entity? If so, you are in the right place. The following information in this blog post contains all of the information, forms and resources you need to confidently file your Kansas LLC, which is a good idea if you are operating an online business.

How to Form a Maryland LLC title overlayed an image of the State of Maryland containing the State Flag

How to Form a Maryland LLC

Are you thinking about forming a Maryland LLC for your online business? You’ve come to the right place. This post will explain everything you need to know to get your Maryland LLC up and running in no time. While all of the materials and instructions in this LLC startup guide are 100% free, there may

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