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how to legally start a business in 2023 with a checklist, calculator and phone in the background

How to LEGALLY Start a Business [2023]

Are you thinking about starting a business this year? Or maybe you have already started one but aren’t sure if you did it the right way? Not to fret, in this episode we are going to take you by the hand, and walk you step-by-step through everything you need to do to make sure your

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Starting an LLC You Need an Operating Agreement

Starting an LLC: You Need an Operating Agreement

So you are starting an LLC, and somebody told you that you need an operating agreement. What goes into that? That’s what we’re going to talk about today. What I want to talk to you about is your operating agreement. By the way, if you’re not sure what an operating agreement is or what it

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Convert Your Sole Proprietorship to an LLC in 7 Easy Steps!

Are you operating a sole proprietorship, and you want to know how to convert your sole proprietorship to an LLC? That’s what we’re going to talk about today. You’re going to learn the seven things that you need to do when converting your sole proprietorship to an LLC. We’re going to talk about the seven,

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The Ultimate Guide to Legal Contracts for Your Online Business

You’ve taken the plunge and started your online business. You are super excited and can’t wait to get things rolling. Building sales funnels. Writing blog posts. Running Facebook ads. Recording your first podcast episodes. Getting your first paying clients. But there’s only one thing you’ve forgotten… How to make sure you aren’t breaking any laws

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6 essential business contracts

6 Essential Contracts you must have for your Online Business

Maybe you are dreaming of starting an online business, or maybe you have already started one. Either way, you need to put some simple legal protections in place to keep your business safe. It goes without saying that you should give some serious thought to incorporating your online business, and protecting your intellectual property with

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entrepreneur's law school

Registration for The Entrepreneur’s Law School is Now Open!

I’m so excited to announce the opening of a new and innovative training program for online entrepreneurs that want to take affirmative steps to protect their business legally but can’t afford the high cost of legal help, and don’t know where else to turn. I’ve called it The Entrepreneur’s Law School. In anticipation of this launch,

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Building a Business You Can Be Proud Of

I have to tell you, I am so fortunate to be a lawyer in today’s world. Things are so much different now than they were even 20 or 30 years ago. I look at older lawyers and their mindset and the way they practice law and I have to chuckle. They do is in a

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The 7 Deadly Sins that Will Sink Your Internet Business

As a lawyer, I see my clients make a lot of mistakes on pretty much a daily basis. And frankly, I hate that. I want my clients to succeed with their online business. So as their lawyer, I consider it my obligation to educate my clients and share with them what they should be doing

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Legal Steps to Start a Business

Legal Steps to Start an Online Business

Now that you have settled on a name, it’s time to take care of the legal steps to start a business. And don’t be scared – this can actually be pretty cool and exciting.  This is the time where you will pick a corporate entity, file some paperwork with the state where you do business, and get

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