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Woman looking quizzically at the words "when to trademark your name?"

When to Trademark Your Business Name (Episode 24)

If you are currently using or thinking about using a cool sounding name for your business, you may be wondering when to trademark that name. In today’s episode, we talk about some of the common concerns and considerations entrepreneurs have when weighing this choice so that you can make a clear decision about when is

How to Use Properly Use ™ and ® in Your Business (Episode 23)

Are you wondering what those little trademark symbols really mean? I’m talking about TM and SM and ®… Or do you wonder how to properly use them in your business? Then you are in luck. Today we break down everything you need to know about those symbols and share with you how to use them

Why Thinking You Will Never Get Sued is a HUGE Mistake (Episode 22)

Most entrepreneurs never get sued… until they do. Are you one of those entrepreneurs who puts off legal “because I’ll never get sued”? This is a great way to save some money and time by punting the ball down the road… until it isn’t. But chances are, getting sued by a client or customer is

Confused woman with text overlay that says what name do I trademark first?

What Should You Trademark First? (Episode 21)

Many people are confused about what trademarks they should file first. Should you go with your business name? The name of your podcast? Your slogan or logo, or even you signature course? Today we review which types of trademarks you might have in your business, which to register first, and why you shouldn’t register them

Are you ready with blue overlay and text asking if your business is ready for a trademark

But My Business Isn’t Ready for a Trademark… Is it? (Episode 20)

Most entrepreneurs who are just starting out think they aren’t ready to register their trademarks on a Federal level. They think that filing for trademark protection is only for large, established businesses. Nothing could be further from the truth. One of the biggest legal risks to your business is not securing the legal rights to

trademarks you own

It’s Time to Take Inventory of Your Trademarks (Episode 19)

In this episode of The Legal Jim, I will help you to take inventory of the Trademarks you are already using in your business (no registration required) so that you can decide which marks you need to protect and which you can hold off on for now. Subscribe Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher

Denied stamp with the text overlay that says afraid your trademark app will get denied? You should be.

The Most Common Reason Your Trademark Application Will Get Denied (Episode 18)

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to start and build a profitable brand online, one of the first things you need to do is claim the legal rights to your name. Unfortunately, there are two huge mistakes that people make when filing trademark applications on their own that will cause their filing to

Sign that says how to name your business with a blue overlay and the lettering how to create a brand that is legally protected

How to Build a Brand that is Legally Protected

In this episode of The Legal Jim, we will be reviewing how to properly (and legally) build a brand that not only can you be proud of, but one that you can (and will) legally protect for years to come. There are three main mistakes that I see entrepreneurs make all the time: They pick

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